Un voyage à Disneyland Paris – Day 4

By this point of our trip we had ticked off the vast majority of attractions and experiences we wanted to do, so we had planned a more relaxed day in the Park revisiting some of our favourites. We also had a lunch reservation at Inventions which were all looking forward to. We went through our now familiar breakfast routine and arrived at Disneyland Park during extra magic hours.

We started off with Peter Pan’s Flight which we all enjoyed for a second time, we then went on Sir Lancelot’s carousel. Our little lady said she did not want to go on a horse so sat in the carriage with my Mum until the ride was about to start, then she changed her mind. By now it was too late and she spent most of the ride in tears! As there was only a short queue Mrs Geeky Dad took her back on the carousel and this time she had a horse which she loved. As there was no queue at all for Snow Whites Scary Adventures Mum and I decided to quickly go on it. We had already decided that our little lady would not go on this as last year she found it really scary. It’s a shame it’s so scary for smaller children.

Once our little lady had bravely ridden her horse we headed over to Adventureland in time to meet a character from the Jungle Book. I was hoping it would be Balloo (my favourite as a child) but it was the Jungle VIP himself, King Louie. After some great character interaction and photo with the king of the swingers we spotted that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril had a 5 minute wait, so Mrs Geeky Dad and I rode it just to tick it off our list of attraction we’d never done before. This is a very basic wild mouse style coaster with a one loop and some basic temple theming but it was fun enough, although I’m not sure I’d want to queue a long time to ride it.


Meeting King Louie

We had a quick look at some of the shops in Advenuteland and wander through the Aladdin walkthrough attraction and then decided to ride Phantom Manor again. We asked our little lady what she wanted to do and she said she would ride it tomorrow, so my Mum agreed to take her on It’s a Small World whilst we went and said hello to the grim grinning ghosts in the manor hour.

Once we had all met up it was now 12.00 and our lunch reservation was 12.30, so we decided to take a slow walk to the Disneyland Hotel. It was the first time I had been in this particular hotel and I was really impressed. The whole interior was very Victorian and incredibly posh. It didn’t feel right being there in typical theme park clothes but everyone else was so we didn’t feel out of place. We made out way to Inventions and were seated in room with a castle view, we really couldn’t have had a better seat in the restaurant. For those who have not been to Inventions before, it is an upmarket character buffet. The selection of food is incredible, there are a number of interesting salads (including one with quails eggs), fresh seafood, beef medallions, curried chicken, pasta dishes. There was so much food and I happily had three plates worth before sampling many of small desserts on offer. The desserts included small cakes, pecan pie, meringue and lots of sweets too. Needless to say we all made the most of the buffet and were suitably stuffed. The food was first class and probably the best meal we’ve ever had at Disneyland Paris, and that’s before I’ve even mentioned the character interactions. We were lucky to have 5 different characters come to our table to interact with our little lady, sign our autograph book and post for photos. Each spent about 3 minutes with us and it was a really good way to meet a lot of characters in a short space of time, especially as we got to meet some of the big names. We met Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Pluto and Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) and all of them were equally brilliant and interacting with our little lady. We all had a fantastic time at Inventions. It is not a cheap meal, but the food is fantastic and the character interactions were great. If able to afford it, we will almost certainly try and get a reservation during any future trip.


Meeting Minnie at Inventions


Meeting Mickey at Inventions

Upon leaving the Disneyland Hotel, we noticed drizzle in the air, which soon turned to torrential rain. Not wanting to get soaking wet we decided to catch the Disneyland Railroad train from Main Street Station, hoping that a leisurely train ride around the park would be long enough for the rain to pass. We always like to do the train when we go to Disneyland as it an important part of all Disney parks history and is a direct link to Walt Disney’s legacy. It’s also an opportunity to see some added theming for each of the lands that you can’t really see otherwise. Unfortunately it was still raining heavily when we arrived back at Main Street Station, so we decided to go in to some of the shops on Main Street to keep dry at which point we bumped into Goofy at a meet and great with an umbrella and no one in queue. Seizing the opportunity our little lady had a great photo with Goofy and then we darted back into the shops to get out of the rain.


Goofy in the rain

The rain had eased up a little so we decided to walk over to Discoveryland to see if Star Tours was open, which it was with a 5 minute queue, however our little lady and Mum weren’t keen to re-ride it, so they found somewhere dry to sit and Mrs Geeky Dad and I went on another adventure to a Galaxy Far Far Away. This time we were taken on a trip to Hoth and Naboo. Once again the ride was fantastic and we both agreed that Naboo was our favourite so far (despite being one of my least favourite locations in the films). I was also chosen to be the rebel spy, with my gormless photo popping up on the screen at the start, which I’m assuming was taken just after I belted up!

With it still raining we had a quick walk over to It’s a Small World as it was another longish ride that would keep us out the rain. After another 15 minutes of mental torture visiting the happy and singing children of the world, we were saddened to see that the rain had got worse. The park had visibly emptied and there were really not that many people around. We decided to have a look inside Sleepy Beauty’s castle with it’s stained glass windows and tapestry’s telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. By then the rain had died down a little just in time for Magic in Parade, which we watched for the second time this trip, the highlight this time being Eeyore who came up to our little lady and have her a great big hug!

Feeling a little damp and chilly we stopped off at the Cable Street bakeshop to dry off and have a hot chocolate (Disneyland Paris do very nice hot chocolate). Having dried off a little we spent a decent amount of time browsing the many sweet delights of the Boardwalk Candy Palace, purchasing some gifts for some of our friends and family and some snacks to eat there and then including some fudge, a marshmallow Mickey head and meringue Mickey heads.


Mickey marshmallow

With sugar pulsing through our veins we were ready for another attraction so decided to go on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast for the first time this holiday. This time I was victorious and was happy to win the best of three with Mrs Geeky Dad.

Once again the rain was very heavy, so we took some time out and rested in Café Hyperion watching some episodes of Star Wars rebels on the big screen and eating some snacks. It was now an hour until Dreams which we had planned to stay for as it was our last night, however the rain was so heavy that none of us really felt like standing in it for the duration of Dreams, therefore we decided to head back to the hotel, so we had time to pack our bags for our journey home the next day.


Disneyland Hotel at night


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